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Beginning and end of school day arrangements


To avoid the potential problems of car parking on Vong Lane at the beginning and end of the school day, parents are invited to park their cars on the school playground for a short time from 8.30am and from 2:55pm. We do, however, ask that extreme caution is exercised, and that no cars enter the playground at any other time without special permission. Cars are parked on school premises at the owner's risk. The speed limit on site is 5mph

Under normal circumstances (pre Covid -19 arrangements), pupils enter school by the front door, even those in the mobile classroom, so we can check on their wellbeing and time of arrival. If you bring your child to school by car in the mornings the front driveway can be used as a drop off point. However, if you need to come into school then please park in the car park area on the Playground. However, we secure the site as promptly as possible and so you will need to be as quick as you can with your “in school business” and move your car off the playground so the caretaker can lock the gates. Thank you.

The playground is available for parking at the end of the day but we ask all drivers to note there is a footpath which crosses between the official car park and the playground. Priority here must always be given to pedestrians so please exercise extreme caution. It is also essential that drivers do not park on the corners of our driveways as it makes it very unsafe for cars entering and leaving the site.

The Children all come out from the building onto the KS1 and EYs learning space and parents are asked to wait to collect their children from there. The turning circle area is only available for the child-minders who pick up a number of children and cannot leave their car unattended. The playground car park is available to all other adults collecting children. The pupils are told not to cross the playground and must walk round the edge to reach cars. If you have to park in the centre of the playground please ensure your child is escorted to the car. We are thinking of their safety.

A duty teacher will supervise pupils until they are collected from school but this duty does not include the car park! Parents are responsible for the safety of other children they bring onto the school site and those from Holly Meadows, when handover has taken place at the end of the day. Please make sure they are supervised at all times as the school cannot accept liability for their safety.

The Trim Trails, play areas and play equipment such as bikes and trikes are not available out of school hours as Norfolk County Council still considers the school to be liable for injury. Football is not allowed on the KS1 Outside Learning space at the end of the day in case injury is caused to parents/ carers and children waiting to go home. Those going home on foot or bicycle must walk along the footpaths provided, to the small gates either side of the main entrance.

If you are going to be late collecting your child from school due to unforeseen circumstances, please telephone and let us know as soon as possible. Children who are not collected by 3.20 pm will wait for parents in the entrance hall.