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PATHS at Holly Meadows School


The PATHS® Programme for Schools (Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies) empowers all children to develop the fundamental social and emotional learning skills which will enable them to make positive choices throughout life. The programme is designed to facilitate the development of self-control, emotional awareness and interpersonal problem-solving skills.



· Self-Esteem

· Self-Control

· Emotional Intelligence

· Conflict Resolution

· Classroom Behaviour

· Academic Engagement



· Aggressive Behaviour

· Emotional Distress

· Conduct Problems


The PATHS® curriculum is taught through assemblies, weekly lessons and behaviour recovery.

Every child gets the opportunity to be PATHS® Pupil. This is a regular activity which builds self-esteem by receiving compliments from teachers and peers. In addition to receiving compliments, children are also encouraged to compliment themselves.

PATHS® Pupil Compliments Sheet

Families are encouraged to add compliments from home that can also be celebrated in school.


 PATHS® Problem Solving Station

 All children have access to PATHS® Feelings Cards and Feelings Faces Posters to help them communicate how they are feeling.

PATHS® Self-Regulation Techniques


2 year rolling curriculum