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Admissions information


Statutory for foundation and voluntary aided schools and other schools with delegated responsibility.


To ensure that decisions to admit children are based on fair and transparent criteria. If there are more requests for places than places available children will allocated places in the following order of priority:

1          Children with a statement of SEN naming the school

2.         Children in public care

3          Children living within the specified boundaries who have a sibling at the school

4          Children living within the specified boundaries who have a sibling attending the adjoining primary/infant school

5          Other children living within the specified area.

If all children within the above criteria cannot be accommodated priority will be given to those living closest to the school within that rule measured by straight line distance. To determine who lives nearest, distance will be measured on a straight line “crow fly” basis, using Ordnance Survey data. The address will be measured from the post

office address point on the property.

Parents/carers may appeal against a decision not to admit a child to the Local Authority.

Main ECM outcomes: Enjoy and achieve

Who was consulted?

In drafting this policy the governing body consulted with current parents/carers, local primary schools, all primary and secondary foundation and voluntary aided schools in the area, and the LA.

Relationship to other policies

This policy should be read in conjunction with the policies on equality, SEN and the curriculum, and should be reviewed annually.

Roles and responsibilities of headteacher, other staff, governors

The headteacher will ensure that:

•           pupils are admitted only in accordance with this policy

•           the school is represented on the LA admission forum

•           where places are available, pupils are admitted in accordance with the agreed priorities.

All staff are expected to follow this policy when advising prospective parents/carers and admitting pupils.

The governing body will ensure that:

•           the admission arrangements are reviewed annually, and consultation takes place on changes with all other admission authorities

•           the admission arrangements are published in the prospectus and made available to parents/carers and potential parents

•           an admissions’ register is kept up to date

•           an appeal panel is in place to hear parent appeals against non-admission

•           the net capacity formula is reviewed annually and the outcome communicated to the local authority and reported in the headteacher’s report to the governing body.

Arrangements for monitoring and evaluation

The number of pupils on roll and number and reason for unsuccessful appeals will be reported to the governing body each term with advice on any implications, plus feedback from parents/carers.

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